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Professional Boat Detailing and Washing Services

Maintenance Wash

We offer both one-time detailed washes done as needed or recurring washes done everyone, two, three, or four weeks. Recurring washes are the best way to keep your boat clean year-round so it’s ready for you anytime you want to enjoy it. We have an extensive inventory of specialized cleaners which are not only safe for your boat’s surfaces but are also environmentally friendly.

Detailing Service

Our buff and wax service will remove oxidation, bring back the gloss, and further protect your gel coat and paint making your boat easier to clean throughout the year. Our boat wax brings your vessel’s color to life while protecting it from the harmful effects of birds, tree sap, dirt road grime, water spots, saltwater/chlorine etching, etc.

Why Trust Your Boat With Us?

Trusted by celebrities and athletes since 2017

Whether you are preparing your vessel to go on a trip or simply making sure it’s maintained for peak performance while in storage, Neptune Marine offers modern boat cleaning and detailing services that will make your boat look new. We fully inspect the exterior surfaces, run factory-recommended diagnostic tests, and perform maintenance items to keep you on the water longer. If your boat is in storage for an extended period of time, we’ll ensure that it’s washed and waxed before returning it to its slip or mooring.

You can depend on our reliable service to get the job done right. Don’t let dirty boats sink your vacation plans, contact Neptune Marine Detailing whenever you need boat cleaning and detailing services.

Boat Cleaning And Detailing

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